Cancer Black Salve


Cancer Black Salve

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Breast Cancer AwarenessThe info on this website is largely based on testimonial, accumulated over a period of several years from people who have used these products.


Cleansing Time Black Salve

  • Contain Natural Organic Herbs and Minerals that neutralize carcinogens prior to their stimulating any tumor growth.

    • Our product works directly on the immune system and acts as a preventative when taken internally.
    • One herb has a substance that prevents tumorous cells from multiplying once they have started
    • Another Herb has a substance that detoxifies the blood and the body in general.

    Our Black Salve Product is the Original Formula
    We do not add additional additives, to our products as others have.


    You may have heard of it as:
    Montana Mud
    Black Salve
    Compound X,
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