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Black Salve Testimonies
Sent in by: Dr. Elwin C. Klein
Just checking in.  The breast Cancer is doing well now, and another ultra sound of it will be done in April to compare before and after treatment.  The nose cancer on another person is gone.  Another case in Virginia is not keeping up communication with me as they should, but I should get a report soon.  All have been on the Black Salve, and two on my laser beam and other help I give them.  The Salve has been taken as you recommended when used both internally or externally.  I give them the written instruction also.  Thank you

Sent in by:  D. Shover
Taken from Email.. and cut to make a shorter story for you readers.. If you would like the full story,... Please contact us.
On January 16, 2003 I had an appointment with my doctor for a colonoscopy.  It was a humiliating test I had put off for three years even though my doctor begged me to do it.  When I was in my twenties I had a hemorrhoid removed and the experience was the most painful thing that had ever happened to me.  The surgeon's report said I had numerous polyps and a hemorrhoid had been removed.  I ask myself now, why didn't he take the polyps at the same time?.
On January 19th, My Doctor explained that he had talked to Dr. David and that I was in the advanced stages of colon cancer.  I needed surgery as soon as possible.  I was admitted to the hospital.
On January 20th, 2003,  I awakened in the recovery room and felt my side.  To my horror was a bag.  Doctor Don said "it's a temporary measure, and we had to stop the surgery early, you had complications....  Then I got sick the next day with a ever-rising temperature... The doctor explained after lab work that was ordered, that I had sprung a leak and needed to return to surgery.
I was given a very bad case of staff infection at the hospital and almost died a second time.  The next week was a constant battle to live.
I told Dr. Don that I knew of a cancer cure and I wanted permission to take "natural medicine" while in the hospital.  We talked about it for a while, I told him of several case I knew where people had been sent home to die in weeks and they were still living years from then, one more than fifteen years!.  He agreed I could take the meds even though he had no faith in them whatsoever.  A family member went to see a friend and purchased my first bottle of  Cleansing Time.  My first bottle filled with what I considered my miracle pill.
April 30th, 2003.  I tried to make a bet with the doctor that the tumor would be gone.  He wouldn't bite.  CatScan.  Wait and worry for 3 days to see if Cleansing time worked its magic.  He called on the third day. "How big is the tumor", I asked.  His answer, "it was hiding the radiologist couldn't see it"  I laughed,  "It isn't there to see, Doc.. Just admit it"  He answered he would reserve any opinion until he looked inside.
May 10th, 2003.  I was a cocky thing.  I knew the tumor was gone and I was confident I was going to surgery to get rid of the bag and put back together.  When I awakened in the recovery room, I felt my side and was shocked and disappointed that a bag was hanging on the opposite side as the first one.  the doctor explained he had no choice because the remainder of the colon wall was so thin it would not have withstood resection.  I asked about the remaining tumor.  "It wasn't there, all that remained was scar tissue where the tumor had been."  The words stung and yet I felt triumphant at the same time. "SEE I TOLD YOU!!! THE MEDS WORK!!!... I could just kick myself for not coming home and starting to take the meds in January.  I should have passed up surgery and gone straight to the meds.  NO,  I should have stared taking them 15 years early for maintenance and I would never have gotten the cancer in the first place.
I know people with cancer who will not even try it.  Using chemo or radiation will take away its effectiveness and I refused both and am now CANCER FREE.  To fight the effects of chemo and radiation would have taken me another year and I probably wouldn't have made it all.  The ingredients in the recipe for this miracle natural medication are not all readily identified.  The people that manufacture the pills even admit this.  The herbs and other ingredients are gathered and some in a very guarded way.  I don't care !!  IT WORKS.  I order black slave and the pills for friends and give them away.  There isn't a reason on earth why anyone should have to die of cancer.  There is a cancer FIX !!!  It isn't acceptable because CANCER IS A BIG BUSINESS !!!  People shouldn't have to suffer when there IS something that will make your body heal itself.

Sent in by: Larry and Shirley
Sharon, We sent your web address, to our daughter in Washington, She has a friend that her husband has been getting cancers burned off, which is a SORE mess, and doesn't work.  I sure am Satified with the results!.  Bye for now, will see you and Terry when we get back from the cruise.  Larry and Shirley

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